Step Two

Step Two: Japanese Key Words

Ok, now that I’ve been working through RTK a little bit more (200+ and counting, woot!) I’ve been thinking about this next step…even though it seems pretty far away still. 🙂

Originally, I was thinking of heading straight on to sentences and grammar, but now I’m reconsidering…I’m wondering if my next intermediate step will be building up my vocabulary by replacing my English keywords for RTK with Japanese ones. I’ve been reading online in the Reviewing the Kanji forums and some other blog sites that this is a helpful step, because even though the English key words make sense in a Japanese context, they are meant to fade away and be replaced by their Japanese counterparts.

However, I also realize I’ll be just itching to start mining sentences and work through Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Grammar…so we’ll have to see how this intermediate step really pans out!

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