Reviewing the Kanji Wallpapers

I whipped these up for the first 72 or so (I know, random number, but each wallpaper has 24 kanji on it, so do the math :p) [1]frames of Remembering the Kanji. I figured that, if I was going to re-start and re-learn all of these kanji, making some wallpapers might not only help me to remember them, but it would also be another way to have fun doing it 😀

Note on the design:

Inspired by ABC blocks, since the ABC’s are the building blocks of the English Language, why not transfer the idea to Kanji and the Japanese Language?

There will be two versions of each wallpaper. One is in color and in the KanjiStrokeOrder font. It’s twin is in Black and White with the Meiryo font–for those of you who want a more serious looking wallpaper for your Kanji study…

If you like them, I’ll try and update with more soon! 🙂

[1] Frames=Kanji (just for simplicity’s sake). There is a “frame” for each kanji in RTK, and they’re numbered with stroke order, story, kanji, lesson number, ect.

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