SHINee News! Japanese version of “Juliette” is Almost Here


I can’t tell you how much I’ve fallen in LOVE with this Korean group. I had this whole thing against listing to Kpop because I thought it would mess with the must-listen-to-only-Japanese thing I had going on in my mind. As if somehow the Korean would invade my brain and mess up my nice, neat Japanese words…as if.

(OK, side note though, I couldn’t tell Japanese APART from Korean for a time, so it actually was a valid excuse. And to be perfectly honest, I STILL don’t listen to Kpop, but I digress…:D)

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The “About Mikichan76” Page is Up!

Since this blog is still getting put together (read, there’s a lot to do!), I thought it would be a good idea to note that I just finished putting up the “About Mikichan76” page. It’s in an interview-type format, because I know as a blog reader I like reading about the author that way. After all, it get’s boring writing in the first person all the time 😉

To find it, you can find it under “about” on the menu bar, in between “home” and “learning journal”. But, just in case the link isn’t working, I decided to put the whole thing in this post. Enjoy 😀

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