A Believer of the Shin Hye Sung & Kiyokiba Shunsuke Collaboration

Shin Hye Sung x Kiyokiba Shunsuke

With a single titled “I Believe”, I knew had to check this collaboration out…even if I thought I didn’t know anything about either of these artists. And guess what? I may have thought I knew nothing about either of these fine looking men, but it turns out I was wrong, wrong, WRONG.

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EXILE’s Rising Up In the Rising Sun


So, EXILE. They weren’t really on my radar screen until today, when I discovered that they have a hit new single title (Rising Sun/いつかきっと…Rising Sun / Surely Someday)! I wikipedia’d them up and this is what I learned…

Exile (Stylized as EXILE) is a 14-member all-male Japanese dance group. The leader of the group is Hiro, who debuted as a member of Zoo under For Life Music, but Exile has released their singles and albums under Avex Group’s label Rhythm Zone. Hiro and Avex’s president Max Matsuura came from the same high school.

In total, they have sold over 17 million records in Japan alone.

But on to their new single I checked out…

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SHINee News! Japanese version of “Juliette” is Almost Here


I can’t tell you how much I’ve fallen in LOVE with this Korean group. I had this whole thing against listing to Kpop because I thought it would mess with the must-listen-to-only-Japanese thing I had going on in my mind. As if somehow the Korean would invade my brain and mess up my nice, neat Japanese words…as if.

(OK, side note though, I couldn’t tell Japanese APART from Korean for a time, so it actually was a valid excuse. And to be perfectly honest, I STILL don’t listen to Kpop, but I digress…:D)

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