About the Blog

The Birth of MidoriTea

The idea for MidoriTea came after I had been lurking around blogs for awhile. Blogs about Japan, blogs about language learning, blogs about…you guessed it…Japanese language learning. And it just hit me, I could do that too!

So, on August 1st, 2001, I started up an account at wordpress.com and MidoriTea was born.

The Name

I knew I needed a good blog name, but I had a really hard time coming up with one. I wanted the name to have something to do with Japan (obviously) and something with kanji would be cool too…so I played around with some names, and MidoriTea just really seemed to fit!

First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE green tea. I drink it every morning (ok, I try to) and the first time I ever tasted it was in Japan, so it brings back warm, green, comforting memories.

Melted down, it looks like this:

midori = (the color) green in Japanese

MidoriTea = Green Tea

It’s actually a clever play, because green tea in Japanese is 抹茶 (まっちゃ) not 緑茶。Cute, right? (Just nod your head and smile, k? ^-^)

NOTE: Credit for the Image used in MidoriTea’s Header goes to http://neekko.deviantart.com/!

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