Progress Notice!

So as I was working diligently through (read: um…looking around the room for ways to procrastinate), I happened to look over at my shelf of manga…and realized I could actually read some of the names now! For example, “River Meadow” or “Craft Many”….or something like that ^-^

Anyway, it’s a little bit of encouragement that I needed. ♥

Inching Along…

Inching Along…

On one hand I realize I should be very proud of myself. As of today, I’ve learned over 360 RTK Kanji. I’m over 16% finished with the Joyo Kanji, and I’m seeing more and more kanji that I recognize day by day. Learning 10+ characters day by day, week by week doesn’t frighten me anymore. Sure, I have some bad days and some good days (and all of those days in-between:) but I’m definitely inching along…However, I literally feel like a snail on the race to conquer the Japanese Language!

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A Realization

So, I just realized that I’m missing out on a lot of my Japanese Language journey if I don’t write down what’s going on! I’ve alway admired those people who blog through the process of their learning, so they (and their readers) can look back on just how they got there.

It not only enforces that you (the blogger) are learning something, but I think there is a value in visually SEEING that as well. It’s like graphing your progress in a way, just in written form instead of bars on a chart! (Although, that wouldn’t be a bad idea sometime…hmmm…future blog idea? ^-^)

Therefore, starting today, I’m going to make an effort to write down what I learning, what I’m thinking about what I’m learning, or even just to stop in, say “hello”, and remind myself of this wonderful journey that I’ve started…and am going to finish someday 🙂