Hahaha, So Apparently the Only New “Japanese” Bands I Like are Korean?


Hahaha, sometimes you just have laugh at the little ironies in life.

I’ve been scouring the internet to find some more bands to include here (Ok, AND to increase my Japanese music library…which is always a good thing ;)) and I found a great new edition: FTIsland! Super cute. Boy band. A nice, melodic sound.

And then it happened. I wikipedia’d them. And found out, once again, that the new “Japanese” band that I was so excited to share…was Korean. Not that that’s bad, but again, after posting about so many Korean-turned-Japanese bands, I would have liked to include another “real” Japanese band.

Oh well, that dosen’t make FTIsland ANY less good, and I’m still excited to share them with you…maybe just a bit “less” excited 😉

Their newest album is Let it go! and you can watch the mv or download the single from the link below. Happy listening!

[2011.07.27] FTIsland • Let it go! 

Language: Japanese, 日本語

Size: 34.37MB

Bitrate: 360kps


01 Let it go!
02 Dream sky
03 Someday
04 Let it go! (Instrumental)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ef8v3fzwf61t6w6

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