I Think It’s Time for a “REAL” Japanese Band This Time

KAT-TUN: No, They’re Not a Cartoon…They’re REAL

Oh KAT-TUN. They’ve had their fame, they’ve had their rough spots, and yet they still manage to look oh-so-sexy in their white shirts and ties. How do they do it, you ask? Pure magnetism.

And apparently (and I just learned this now, from a fellow blogger named Brittany who is oh-so-much-better at keeping up with Japanese boy-band drama than I am ;)) one of the members has even left–just last year–to pursue his own solo career. (Jin Akanishi, we all wish you luck!)

However, KAT-TUN is still going strong at five years now, and I for one am SUPER happy about that. Their newest singles inclue Ultimate Wheels, White, and Run For You. 











*NOTE* For some reason, wordpress will not let me put any more video links into this post. However, if it works later today I’ll try and fix it.  

One response

  1. Yay a post on KAT-TUN ^.^ I’ll have to go back and rewatch all the videos of KAT-TUN post Jin leaving. I do miss them as six but they are still KAT-TUN to me. It was pretty inevitable that he was going leave KAT-TUN. He wanted to go solo.

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